Refunds Policy & Returns Policy

We operate a strict no refund and returns policy with no exceptions.

If the test booking reference number (LIVEC number) has been generated by us and sent to you we cannot provide a refund.

Home testing kit can’t replace day 2 and day 8 test.

We cannot provide a refund for delays in receipt of the testing kits or results from the laboratory as a result of factors outside of our control such as delays in the postal system or delays in processing the kits by the laboratory.
The Covid testing kits cannot be returned to us once received by you. This is due to risk of transmission of the virus.

We cannot provide a refund once we deliver kit to your home address. If you entered wrong address then your kit will deliver to wrong address. All positive and negative test report to Public Health England as per UK Gov Guidelines.

You cannot terminate the contract once you bought day 2 and day 8 Mandatory services