COVID-19 PCR Tests


What is Covid PCR Testing?

Covid PCR Testing is a requirement for international travel or operations in many work environments. The PCR aspect means, polymerase chain reaction, which allows for our UKAS labs to amplify a small quickly taken sample into a large enough copy for thorough analysis. This is why Covid PCR Testing is the primary method of screening.

Fit To Fly Testing Covid PCR

The Fit to Fly Covid tests are the UK standard that most airlines in the UK and large parts of the world, expect to see before boarding. Without this, you may find international travel restrictions that can affect your milestones. Avoid impacts to your schedule please book your ‘Fit to Fly’ private Covid PCR Test today

How much does a COVID-19 PCR test cost?

PCR cost is on our booking page. This includes a fit to fly certificate.

Can I get a certificate without a test?

No. We are only able to issue you with a doctor’s letter assessing your fitness to fly if you have a Covid-19 PCR test booked.

I need my doctor's letter to be stamped and/or signed?

To ensure the fastest possible turnaround, your results and letter (if requested) will be emailed to you.

Can my passport number or other information have included in a doctor's letter?

Yes. Please book your test as normal and select to add a doctor’s letter. When you go for your test, just let the member of staff know and they can add it for you there and then. Please bring your passport with you if you would like your passport number included.

What identification do I need?

Please bring an electronic copy of your test form and photo identification. Your ID needs to match the name on the form.

How does a Covid PCR Test work?

Our priority is to provide you with the fastest possible results in a safe manner. Therefore, patients take their self-swab test at one of our sites or use premium service where our professional team member visit your home or office and collect sample (only available in central London and East London with prior booking via whatsapp). Our in house courier then takes them to the laboratory for analysis. You will receive your results (and certificate if you’ve ordered one) via email within the stated timeframe.

I require a negative Covid-19 swab test within a specified time-frame. How can I get this?

We would advise you take your test as early as possible, such that it is just within your required time window. For instance, if you require a test no more than 72 hours before taking a flight, then have your test exactly 72 hours before your flight.

What dates will be shown on my results?

Your lab results will show the date when your sample was collected. It will also show the date that the test was completed and your report generated. These cannot be changed.

When will I get my results?

You will receive your results certificate by email within 24-48 hours.

How do I take my sample?

After you book your appointment you will go to one of our locations to take your test. Our PCR locations have a testing area or consultation room where you can take your sample. The sample requires you take a swab from your throat and nose. Full instructions of how to do this are included in your test kit. Alternatively, you can book for a healthcare professional to take your swab for you.

Please can you advise me on the Covid-19 policy for my particular airline or country?

Different airlines have different policies and they are changing frequently. Unfortunately we do not know the specific requirements of each airline. Please contact your airline for details of their particular requirements.
Any further question please feel free to contact us via online form, Whatsapp and email.
Please Note!  that our provision of Covid tests does not impact on NHS test availability, instead, by providing the tests at competitive prices compared with other providers, our service aims to work as a helpful adjunct to the NHS by increasing testing options in the community. We also report all positive results to Public Health England, and this is obligatory.